Situation stable in Olkiluoto – a rare disturbance triggered safety precautions

Attention Blue

Teollisuuden Voima reports on it’s website that according to Petteri Tiippana from the Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority the power plant is in a stable and safe state. No more high radiation levels have been measured after the earlier spike. Ath this time is not known what caused the elevated levels. Teollisuuden Voima is investigating the cause.

Elevated levels caused by the disturbance triggered immediate and safety precautions on the highest level. Because of the event, a press conference was held.
Accordin to STUK Director General Petteri Tiippana no radioactive release occurred from the plant and that area residents are safe. The situation posed no danger to the environment or people in the area.

City of Rauma’s emergency executive team met immediately after receiving the information. However there was no cause for action.
Read more on the Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority website