Stay home with your family -campaign encourages everyone to do their part

Satakunta healthcare officials and municipalities challenge everyone to a common campaign, which aims to stop the spread of the coronavirus covid-19. The campaign can be participated in by sharing the banners and images for example in social media.

The idea for the campaign was born in a meeting of the Satakunta regional infectious disease prevention team. The campaign starts now and lasts for three weeks.

The goal of the campaign is to affect the behavior of the people of Satakunta in an encouraging manner. The campaign is mainly implemented on social media so that it would spread quickly. For example, there is a Facebook frame to choose from and banners to be implemented in different language versions that are easy to share on social media.

We have been living with Covid for more than a year now and the situation in Satakunta has varied between the basic phase, the acceleration phase, and the spreading phase. With the start of the Stay home -campaign, the whole of Satakunta is in the spread phase and the coronavirus situation is difficult. The incidence rate is the second-highest in Finland after the Helsinki metropolitan area.

─ It is understandable that people are starting to get numb about constant instructions and recommendations, but now we should still be able to persevere and, if possible, refine our own procedures to be safer, because the upcoming weeks are absolutely crucial for stopping the spread of the virus, says Petteri Lankinen, the chief physician of Satasairaala and father of the idea.

According to Raija Uusitalo-Seppälä, the doctor responsible for assessing the epidemic situation in Satakunta, reducing contacts and following precautions is now critical, as it is important to get control of the situation before our healthcare system is overloaded. The spread of the epidemic depends on all of us.

─ If we all limit our contact to what is necessary and only to close friends and family for the next three weeks, we still have a chance to reverse this situation, Raija Uusitalo-Seppälä encourages.

According to the Satakunta health authorities, the risk of becoming infected has increased in Satakunta and it is very important to be able to prevent the spread of infections to the elderly and other risk groups.