Summer events continue in August

Yleisöä Pitsiviikon tapahtumassa kesällä.

There are many different summer events happening in Rauma in August.

The chamber music festival Rauma Festivo is held from August 3rd to 8th. The festival is built around the theme of Eight life pleasures and seven deadly sins. In addition to eight concerts the festival will hold Carpe Diem -surprise concerts with over 30 artists. Some of the concerts are streamed online.

The ice hockey tournament Pitsiturnaus is played on Friday 8 August. Lukko Rauma, Ässät, TPS, KooKoo, Sport and Saipa take part in the tournament. The first game is played at 8.45 AM.

Live music takes over Rauma in the middle of the month. The Feelgood Festival Rauma Blues is held with domestic artists from August 12th through the 14th. Thursday and Friday consist of club gigs and the main concert is held in the city hall’s courtyard on Saturday. Heikki Silvennoinen Band and Dave Lindholm Lights will perform in the main concert.

The Blue Sea Film Festival is held in Rauma for the 28th time on August 19.-22. This year’s theme country is Latvia. In the Latvia-category of the festival, a feature film, a documentary, and a feature animation film are shown. The international short film competition The Baltic Herring will give stage to short films from the region around the Baltic Sea. The theme for the short films is water.

Otachill-hangout event is held for young people on 21 August in Otanlahti from 2 PM to 8 PM. The event is aimed for 12 to 17-year-olds but people of all ages are welcome. The event is free. Current information about OtaChill cab be found on the social media accounbts of Rauma Nuorisovaltuusto. Instagram and Facebook.

Additional information about these and other events can be found in the event calendar.