The city of Rauma will start to open its culture facilities on 26 April, with fewer restrictions on hobby activities

Rauman pääkirjaston hyllyjä ja kirjoja kuvattuna ylhäältäpäin.

The city of Rauma will open its culture facilities and youth centres starting from Monday 26 April. In addition, some of the restrictions on hobby activities will be lifted. The city is following guidelines issued on Thursday 22 April by the Satakunta regional infectious disease prevention team.

Libraries and museums open to the public

Libraries can be accessed with fewer restrictions starting from Monday 26 April. Customers are allowed to collect books themselves and library operations are returning to normal. There will be no limitation on the number of customers, but customers are required to keep a safe distance of over two metres from each other. The strong recommendation to wear a mask whenever using libraries is still in force. Reading rooms and other library spaces, where people tend to congregate, will remain closed.

Starting next week, Rauma museums will be open to the public with regular opening hours. Customers no longer need to book their visit in advance. However, the number of customers may be limited in the future to allow sufficient safe social distancing if necessary. A face mask is mandatory for museum visitors. If a larger group wants to visit a museum, the museum must be contacted in advance by telephone: 044 334 3525 or 044 793 3526.

Youth centres operate normally

Youth centre Kuovi, the youth evenings at Lapin Työvis, as well as the Skate Hall are open to young people. The number of visitors is limited depending on the size of the space. A face mask is mandatory for visitors over 12 years of age. All visitors are requested to use the facilities in a safe manner.

Restrictions on hobby activities are being lifted in stages

Organising hobby activities for children under 13 years of age is allowed indoors and outdoors without limitations on the number of attendees, providing the attendees belong to the same team or group.

Hobby activities for children between ages 13 and 20 can be resumed indoors and outdoors. Group activities are allowed outdoors without limitations on the number of attendees as long as the attendees belong to the same group. It is recommended that indoor activities are only organised for groups of 10 attendees or less. Activities should only be carried out with members of one team or group, in accordance with guidelines set out by the Ministry of Education and Culture and the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare. Close contact should be avoided indoors.

Matches, competitions and performance activities are still not allowed indoors or outdoors. These recommendations remain in effect until Sunday 9 May.

Adult group activities can be arranged outdoors without limitations on the number of attendees. Safe distances must be maintained and close contact should be avoided. Outdoor exercise areas are open for personal exercise. Indoor adult group activities remain suspended until at least Sunday 16 May. These guidelines are also recommended for private operators.

Gyms operated by the city remain closed until further notice.

Rauma swimming hall will be open to customers from Monday 3 May with a limitation on the number of customers.

Rauma Adult Education Centre will restart outdoor activities for adults on Monday 26 April.

Rauma Music Academy will return to contact teaching for 13 to 20 year olds with a maximum group size of 10 people, starting on Monday 26 April. Groups of more than 10 students between 13 and 20, as well as those over the age of 21, will continue to be educated via distance learning.

The restriction on gatherings remains at a maximum of 6 people

The Regional State Administrative Agency for Southwestern Finland will continue to limit the maximum number of people attending public events to 6 until Friday 14 May. The regional infectious disease prevention team also recommends that private events of over 6 people should not be organised.

Rauma’s Educational and Cultural Services are not currently renting culture and youth facilities to other operators.