The fall semester begins in Rauma on the 12th of August

Viittaavia lapsia luokassa.

The new school year starts on Monday 12.8. Over 400 first-graders start their schooling this year, along with 3300 older students. Over 660 students will attend Rauma Lyseo upper secondary school with approximately 195 being first-year-students.

– The biggest change this year is of course the opening of the Pohjoiskehä school. About 400 students will attend the newly completed school, says Basic Education Director Hanna Viljanen-Lehto.

Students from Merirauma and Syvärauma schools will transfer to Pohjoiskehä as they have ceased operation. Also grades 1 to 6 from Malmi and Naula special education schools will transfer to the Pohjoiskehä school.

Biggest reform in the every-day school work is that first grade students will begin A1-language education, which in Rauma is English. Before this year English language education has begun in the second grade.

The autumn break is in Rauma from 23rd to 25th of October. The semester ends on the 20th of December.