The new covid-guidelines affect the operations of the city of rauma’s sports and education services

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The Satakunta regional infectious disease prevention team gave new codvi-guidelines on January 7, which influence hobby activities. The mask recommendation also expanded. New guidelines are in effect until January 31, and they affect the City of Rauma’s sport services as well as the activities of the Rauma Music Institute and Adult Education Centre.

The swimming hall is open normally, but water-exercise groups and swimming lessons are on hold at least until the end of January.

City-operated gyms are open for individual users.

The winter-training hall is open only for reserved practices. Training on your own without a reservation is not allowed. For the time being, non-residents are not given reservations to use the winter training hall.

Outdoor sports facilities are open normally, but the saunas in Lähdepelto are not in use.

Recommendations and guidelines must be followed in indoor training facilities

People under the age of 20 can train in the city’s indoor facilities on reserved times. All exercise and training must follow safety measures. Close contact must be avoided in all training. Training can also be arranged outside. Guardians must wear facemasks and avoid contacts when picking up their children from facilities.

Indoor competitive functions, matches and league activities for people under 20 years of age are still on hold. Also no out of region events of matches are to be held. The recommendation applies to indoor and outdoor sports and sporting events for individuals and teams of all ages.

It is recommended that adult hobbies be carried out remotely. If the use of masks, safety intervals and hygiene instructions can be taken care of, group hobbies can also be carried out indoors in groups of up to 10 people. Precautions should be taken when exercising, dressing and moving to the premises. Contact sports are not recommended.

Spring semester in the Adult Education Centre starts remotely

The spring semester in the Adult Education Centre starts remotely on January 18. The Adult Education Centre will inform students in courses who do not transfer to distance learning. Teachers will be in touch with their own students regarding distance learning. Course start times can check on Centre’s website, at

Basic art education and youth groups for people under 20 years of age will operate in contact teaching.

The Music Institute will continue in contact teaching

The Music Institute will continue it’s activities in contact teaching excluding choirs and wind indstrument groups that have people over the age of 15.

Secondary school aged children and over will use face masks in contact teaching.