The situation in early childhood education remains the same – flexibility in billing proposed

Palikoilla leikkivä lapsi

Changes made to early childhood education and pre-primary education in March due to the emergency conditions will remain in effect from 14 March onwards. Guardians are still recommended to take care of children at home if possible.

Early childhood education and pre-primary education will continue to operate in units operating now. As the situation progresses the city may close additional units.

Guardians have been asked to notify of their child’s attendance from 13 April in eAsiointi to help arrange operations. Attendance-notices must be given on the preceding Monday by noon 12. Notices for the week starting on 13 April must be given by 12 o’clock on 6 April.

Compensation policy guidelines will be made next week

Compensations for early childhood education invoices will be proposed to be continued as long as the emergency conditions last.

According to the proposition, invoices will be compensated from 13 April onwards, if the child does not attend kindergarten or family daycare for a continuous period of two weeks minimum or if the absence is notified beforehand. The hours the child is in attendance or compensated for can not exceed the number of hours reserved in the invoice contract.

Families that will be compensated according to the city government’s decision on 23 March will be compensated in the future as well.