The situation in Rauma is monitored closely – library reading rooms will open on Monday 24 May

Keltainen huutomerkki sinisellä Rauma-tunnustaustalla.

The Satakunta regional infectious disease prevention team made policies related to the Covid-situation in it’s meeting on Thursday 20 May. The Rauma executive Covid-team met on Friday 21 May and went through the development of the situation in Rauma.

– Despite the covid-cases in recent days, the city of Rauma is still at the basic level of the epidemic and we follow the basic level guidelines. However, the situation is in danger of getting worse, says Irene Reinvall, the doctor responsible for infectious diseases.

The regional team recommends that no private events of more than 20 people are held. If the situation gets better, easing the restriction to 50 people is considered starting from 31 May in municipalities in the basic level of the epidemic.Hobby activities for adults can be held outdoors and indoors with safe distances, avoiding close contacts and in groups of 20 people at most. Normal outdoor group activities can resume in 31 May if the epidemiologic situation stays the same in Satakunta.

Activities for young people aged 13 to 20 are to be held outdoors when possible. Indoor activities are also allowed within their own team or group. Competitions, matches and performances can also be held between localities in the basic stage of the epidemic. Stationary audiences are subject to the orders given by the Regional State Administrative Agency.

The regional team will consider matters related to activities of children and young people again on 27 May and aims to allow competitions, matches and performances by 31 May regardless of the epidemiological situation in the destination municipality.

Rauma library reading rooms will open on Monday 24 May. Restrictions and guidelines must be maintained in the rooms.

Having graduation parties will be informed about later, when guidelines and restrictions regarding event organization clear. The local Covid-situation will also have an effect.

Saunas managed by the city will open by the first of June, if the situation does not worsen.