Vaccination situation on week 7

Attention Blue

On week 7, Rauma healthcare services will begin vaccinating people under 70 years of age, with illnesses that are highly susceptible to a severe covid-disease.

These are:

  • organ transplantation or stem cell transplantation
  • cancer in active treatment
  • severe immune system disorder
  • severe chronic kidney disease (Satakunta Hospital District vaccinates dialysis patients)
  • severe chronic lung disease
  • type 2 diabetes treated with medicine
  • Down syndrome (adults)

All reservations for vaccinations for week 7 are booked. More information will be given later on week 8 vaccinations.

People 80 years of age and older are vaccinated by appointment in Thursday 18 February in Lehtihaka Kortela and in Iltatuuli on Friday 19 February. To these appointments, 85 times were available. Similar appointments will be arranged in different parts of the city. Of these appointments, more information will be given during the beginning of the week. More vaccinations will be available on weekly basis, and more information will be given later.