Vaccinations for 12 to 15-year-olds will begin in schools on week 33

The Finnish Government amended the decree on voluntary Covid-19 vaccinations on Thursday 5 August to include offering the vaccination to all children and young people aged 12-15.

Rauma health care services will offer the vaccination to all children and young people aged 12-15 at their schools starting from week 33. More information and the schedule will be sent to the pupils and their guardians this week through a Wilma message.

Students under 16 years of age in upper secondary education will be vaccinated on their own date in Kauppis, of which information will be given later.

Children and young people will be offered the BioNTech-Pfizer vaccine or the Moderna vaccine. These are the only vaccines currently in use in Finland that are conditionally authorised for use in people 12 years of age or older. Both give good protection from the virus and excellent protection against it’s more severe diseases.

A minor can make the decision on whether to get vaccinated if the healthcare professional administering the vaccine determines that, based on their age and level of development, the minor is able to make that decision. If a young person does not want to or is not able to make the decision, administering the vaccine requires the consent of the parents or guardians. Vaccination against COVID-19 is voluntary.

The vaccination protects the child and people close to them

By taking the vaccine the child or young person can protect themselves and people close to them from Covid-19 an its severe forms of disease. Even though healthy young people rarely develop a severe covid disease, hospitalization, prolongation of symptoms, or complications are also possible in young people.

– Young people can prevent further covid-restrictions by taking the vaccine and help secure normal schoolwork and hobbies and being able to see their friends, says the head of the Nortamo family center Anna Kuromaa.