Vaccine appointments available online for 30-year-olds on 11 June

Woman receiving vaccination

Covid-vaccination appointments for week 24 can be made online from 11 June 2 AM onwards, at The online booking service can be used by people who are in risk groups one or two or who have turned 30 years old. Online appointments require secure authentification.

Those who have not yet turned 30 this year must make appointments by phone at tel. +358 44 403 2687 on Saturday 12 June from 8 AM to 3 PM for as long as there are available appointments remaining. If the call is not picked up, it is best to leave a call-back request.

Now being vaccinated

People turning 30 and risk groups 1 and 2 from ages 16 to 69. Belonging to the risk groups is checked at the vaccination appointment.

If the person has had Covid, the vaccination will be given six months after becoming ill, even if they have had Covid after receiving the first vaccination.

More info on the risk groups to be vaccinated and the vaccines can be found at the Coronavirus vaccinations site.

People 65 years of age and older, who received their first dose with AstraZeneca will also be vaccinated with it as their second dose by default, but can change the vaccine if they prefer. The change must be called in beforehand to tel. +358 44 403 2625 on a weekday from 8 to 9.30 AM.


On week 22 vaccinations are given at Kauppis, Satamakatu 26, and at the Healthcare center, Steniuksenkatu 2. When making the appointments it should be taken into consideration that the second vaccination is given 12 weeks after the first one. The second appointment is given when receiving the first vaccination