Päiväranta is an archipelago farm suitable for day-time use for small nature groups in Nurmes.


  • Päiväranta is located in Nurmes island, which is the largest island in Rauma archipelago.
  • N61°10.901′  E021°23.574′


  • By boat taxi services: The contact information of boat taxis.
  • By your own boat / canoeing: A pier + buoy, a pier + anchor. Depth of the water approximately 1.7 m. Room for approximately 10 boats.

Facilities and equipment

  • The house: electricity, electric and wood-burning stove, a fridge, lighting.
  • Drinking water needs to be brought.
  • Sauna: Continuously heated sauna stove and a boiler for heating well water. Swimming possibility, no beach.
  • Firewood available.
  • Campfire place.
  • Outhouse.

Notice also

Päiväranta is not hired for private persons. The pier and yard are available for anyone.