Pinokari is an old insular estate, which main building was damaged in a fire. Today the estate has a simple shed that is suitable for overnight stays.


  • Pinokari is located in the island of, which is the largest island of Rauma’s archipelago.
  • N61°10.885′  E021°22.874′


  • By boat taxi services: The contact information of boat taxis.  A possible dock for a boat taxi is located at Päiväranta, which is about 1,5 kilometers from Pinokari.
  • By your own boat: The closest dock is located at Päiväranta.
  • By canoeing: Canoeing to Pinokari is a good option due to its rocky shore.

Facilities and equipment

  • Shed: Wooden beds for sleeping for maximum of five people, and table. No dishes, heating or electricity.
  • Drinking water needs to be brought with you.
  • Firewood place: No firewood maintenance.

Notice also

The estate is used for sheep pasture. Visitors should take care of the tidiness of the area and remember to bring any trash made to the shore, so the next visitors can have a pleasant time in the area.


20 €