Social services and health care

The maternity clinic helps parents prepare for parenthood and supports the well-being of families, as well as providing care for pregnant women and newly born babies.

Pregnancy progress and fetal well-being are closely monitored at antenatal appointments; also the welfare of the whole family is taken into consideration.

During pregnancy women attend on average 9-10 appointments with a public health nurse and 3 appointments with a doctor.

Antenatal classes are provided for first time parents, (your public health nurse will provide information about the program.)

Pregnancy and birth care are arranged in collaboration with Rauma Hospital’s maternity clinic, Satasairaala’s maternity unit, the children’s clinic, social care services and occupational health units.

As soon as you know you are pregnant please contact the maternity clinic’s public health nurse. Both parents are welcome to attend and the first appointment should take place when you are 8-10 weeks pregnant.

Ultrasound screening is performed only at the Nortamo family center’s maternity clinic.

All childbirths in the Hospital District have been centralized to the Satasairaala, Pori.