From 1 January 2023, Satakunta wellbeing services county is responsible for social and health services.
Social services and health care

The ministry of Social affairs and Health guides and regulates school health care in Finland.

School health care is intended for all public school pupils and it aims to promote pupils health, well-being and development. Work is done together with parents, teachers and other school staff.

School health care’s central tasks

  • Comprehensive health care checks for all pupils in the first, fifth and in the eighth, plus periodic follow-up checks during other grades. Parents/ guardians are invited to attend comprehensive health checks, which are carried out by the school nurse and doctor.
  • Provides health education
  • Monitor the school’s environmental health
  • Support the well-being of the school community
  • Provide vaccinations according to the national vaccination program
  • School health care services do not provide medical care or treatment. In the case of acute illness it is advisable to keep children at home and if they need medical assessment or treatment then please contact the health care center. If a child is injured at school then the school nurse will assess the situation and contact the pupil’s parent or guardian.

School nurses

School nurses are often attending smaller schools on a part-time basis and are not permanently available on the school premises. If a pupil has an infectious disease or ailment; such as head lice, scabies or a pinworm infection it is of the uttermost importance to inform the school nurse, as it could have implications for the whole school community.