Family Team

Family Team is a service aimed for Rauma-based families with children under 13 years of age.

Family members can contact the team, if a concern for a child of his/her situation has arisen or circumstances of the child worry the parent/guardian. The team always works in close collaboration with the client family in order to build a shared, holistic understanding of the challenging situation and to create strategies on how to best work things out. A supportive plan is devised together to ensure on-going positive change.

Professionals in the family team include a children’s psychiatrist, psychiatric nurses, psychologists, family counsellors and child welfare supervisors. The team members cooperate closely with other health care or social services professionals. Confidentiality is respected in the conversations, which are free of charge for the client.

Referral from another health care professional is not required to access the family team services, but appointment must be booked in advance through calling the number below.