From 1 January 2023, Satakunta wellbeing services county is responsible for social and health services.
Social services and health care

Preventive family work and home help for families with children are part of social services aimed for all families living in Rauma. These short-term services, lasting between 4 and 6 weeks, are free of charge for the client.

There are two family counsellors working in preventive family work. Family work can include different methods and ways of working depending on the situation of each family. The goals are set in close co-operation with the family members.

There are three family workers working in home help, which can include housekeeping and child care offered for families with children.

An application is always needed in order to access the services. Different social and health care professionals can apply for these services for the family. If you are interested, please contact e.g. your public health nurse at Child Health Clinic (Neuvola) at the Nortamo Family Centre. The family counsellors will come to meet the family members for the first time at their home.

Situations in which a family can apply for the above-mentioned services include e.g.:

  • needing advice and guidance on services available
  • needing advice in finding ways to expand social networks
  • exhaustion or depression experienced by parents
  • support and guidance needed in child care, development and behavior
  • support needed in parenting and communication amongst the family members
  • support needed in daily domestic routines of the family, including sleep problems
  • a sudden change in family circumstances (for example, divorce, illness, death)