Social services and health care

The status and rights of medical patients

Medical patients have the right to appropriate and high-quality health care services. The status and rights of medical patients are protected by Finnish law.

Patients consent is required to enable treatment to be given. Options for treatment or measures to be taken must be explained openly and in an understandable manner.

Patients have the rights to:

  • Receive information about the state of their health, the extent of treatment, medical risk factors and treatment options. An interpreter can be arranged if required.
  • Access to treatment and the patient must be notified of the date of the beginning of treatment.
  • Access their own medical records and if needed can request the information to be corrected.

Minors (under age of legal consent) have the right to give their opinion on their medical treatment with respect given to the patient’s age and level of development.

Patients who are dissatisfied with the care provided are entitled to submit a complaint to the Healthcare Director of the unit in question.

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