Social services and health care

Health Inspectors

The Department of Environmental Health Protection is responsible for food control, household water control, swimming water control, supervision of sale of tobacco products, supervision of compliance with smoking prohibitions and restrictions, official supervision of indoor air problems and other areas of environmental health protection.

You are kindly asked to contact health inspectors

  • When you are opening a new food business, for example a shop, restaurant or café.
  • When you are coming to Rauma to sell and/or serve groceries.
  • When you suspect that food you have eaten in a restaurant or bought at a store in Rauma has caused symptoms of food poisoning
  • When you are opening a new business that is required to be registered under the Health Protection Act such as beauty salon, day care for children, school, accommodation establishment or public sauna.
  • When you wish to start selling tobacco products or nicotine-containing liquids for electronic cigarettes.
  • When you suspect having an indoor air quality problem causing health problems in your home, mold growth for instance, and need the help of the municipal authority to solve the issue.

Please contact us primarily by e-mail

Veterinary Services

The Department of Environmental Health Protection is responsible for organizing municipal veterinary services in Rauma. There are two municipal veterinary clinics in Rauma:

Kentäntie 2, 26510 Rauma
Sanna-Mari Artukka, tel. +358 40 180 9840
Minna Laeslahti, tel. +358 44 707 2452

Lensunkatu 9, 26100 Rauma
Mari Nevanpää, tel. +358 44 707 2947

Telephone service time for booking appointments and making inquiries is in the mornings Monday-Friday at 8.00-9.00. We kindly ask our clients to contact our veterinarians at other times only in urgent matters.

Veterinary Emergency Services

Veterinary Emergency Services are meant for urgent emergency situations that cannot wait for the next working day. The area of Veterinary Emergency Services covers , in addition to Rauma, the municipalities of Eura, Huittinen, Kokemäki and Säkylä.

The service is active only outside office hours (workdays 15.00 pm – 8.00 am, weekends and holidays). During the office hours, please contact Veterinary Services.

You can reach the veterinary on call from the number +358 600 303 039. The phone call is automatically put through to the veterinarian on call.

There is an extra service charge for calling the Veterinary Emergency Services. Prices for the call:

  • from 6.00 am to 22.00 pm 2,04 €/minute + the standard local network rate + the standard mobile rate
  • from 22.00 pm to 6.00 am 4.01 €/minute + the standard local network rate + the standard mobile rate

The Veterinary Emergency Service provides the patient only first aid-type of veterinary care. You may be asked to contact a veterinarian again on the next working day for further treatment or follow-up.

Animal Welfare

If you suspect that an animal is cared for, treated or used in a way that violates the Animal Welfare Act, please notify this to the municipal supervising veterinarian.

Supervising veterinarian Tia Kotilainen, tel. +358 44 403 2949

You are not able to make animal welfare notification anonymously. If requested, the name could be left untold to the owner or holder of the animal.

You are able to make an animal welfare notification also to other municipal veterinarians, preferably in the week days at telephone service time 8.00-9.00 am.