From 1 January 2023, Satakunta wellbeing services county is responsible for social and health services.
Social services and health care

At the Stay Up! outpatient clinic are figuring out causes of falling over and aim at preventing future falling overs and fractures. The target group of this treatment are over 75-year-old patients that live at home, who have had at least three falling overs within last year and worsening of their capability to function/issues within their balance.

The patients seek treatment mostly through urgent care, non-urgent reception, home care and hospital wards. The threshold to seek treatment is strived to maintain low, so that the patient and their relative can be directly in contact with the polyclinic.

At the Stay Up! outpatient clinic, the patient receives an extensive, multiprofessional (nurse, physiotherapist, doctor) evaluation of factors that affect falling over.
The evaluation holds within for example:

  • Case history, history of falling overs and risk factors of falling
  • sight, hearing, orthostatic test, dizziness
  • evaluation of functioning capability
  • evaluation of the condition of the memory, morale, nutritional state, skeletal structure
  • revision of current medication

Through the results is drafted a rehabilitation programme together with the patient  and patient’s relative.

Please register in the entrance lobby when arriving at the clinic.