Information about the coronavirus

Kuvituskuva: käsien pesu

The coronavirus-helpline and the pandemic-clinic use the same number

The City of Rauma social and healthcare services will open a pandemic-clinid on Wednesday 25 March. The clinic is meant for residents with respiratory-infection symptoms.

Patients will be directed to the clinic only by phone-appointment. Appointment can be made by calling +358 44 403 5234. The number is available every day from 9 AM to 3 PM. The number is the same as the coronavirus-helpline. Possible changes to the helpline and other current information can be found on this page.

When calling the appointment number, a nurse will conduct an interview, assess the need for treatment and give directions on how to proceed.

At other times people should contact the centralized appointment number or Satasairaala emergency number as follows:

  • Mon–Thu 7.30 am–5.00 pm and Fri 7.30 am–3.00 pm, call +358 2 835 2400
  • Mon–Thu 5 pm–10 pm, Fri 3 pm – 10 pm Sat–Sun 7.30 am – 10 pm, call +358 2 835 2670
  • All nights from 10 pm to 7.30 am call Satasairaala +358 2 627 6868
  • In case of emergency, call 112

Symptoms and seeking treatment

If a person has returned from abroad under two weeks ago or has been in close contact with someone who has contracted the coronavirus and is experiencing respiratory infection symptoms, such as coughing, fever or shortness of breath, a possible coronavirus infection must be considered. In this case, they must contact the help line, health care services or Satasairaala during evening and night. Patients requiring hospitalization will be treated in Satasairaala.

Rauma will close schools and move to distance learning on Wednesday 18 March

The City of Rauma will follow the Finnish Governments policy given on Monday 16 March. Rauma is preparing to close basic education schools and Rauman Lyseo upper secondary school on 18 March onwards. Matriculation exams will proceed according to the timeline and regulations given on 13 March.

According to the Government’s policy, pre-primary education is however provided in schools and contact lessons for parents of children in grades 1-3 of basic education who work in areas critical to the functioning of society. In addition, there is an exception for contacting pupils with special needs who need it.

Kindergartens will be kept open. Per the Government’s policy, those parents and guardians that are able to do so, will arrange the care of their children at home.

Rauma tightens directives to own employees

City personnel will not travel abroad for work for the time being. Domestic work trips should also be deliberated. The city advises its personnel to avoid leisure travel as well.

According to city-guidelines, each city of Rauma’s employee returning from abroad will have to notify their superior of the situation and stay home for two weeks. This applies to children also regarding going back to school or daycare. The two-week recommendation is based on the incubation period of the coronavirus, which is 2 to 12 days. The city will prepare to increase the possibilities to work from home.

Public events held by the city will be delayed.

Washing hands is important

The coronavirus infections can be prevented best by good hand hygiene. It is important to wash hands thoroughly with soap and water or detergent, especially before eating.

Wash your hands always

  • when entering indoors
  • before preparing or eating food
  • after using toilet or changing a diaper
  • after blowing your nose, coughing or sneezing
  • after touching the same surfaces as someone who is sick

For more information and news on the current situation, visit the Finnish institute for health and welfare website.