Social services and health care

7.5.2021 / Rauma eases restrictions on hobbies for children and young people

4.5.2021 / Covid-vaccination appointments for week 19

3.5.2021 / More mitigations on activities for children and young people – the swimming hall also opens

28.4.2021 / The city of Rauma will start to open its culture facilities on 26 April, with fewer restrictions on hobby activities

21.4.2021 / Vaccinations on week 17

19.4.2021 / Appointments can be made by calling on 19th and 20th of April for week 16 vaccinations

16.4.2021 / Children and young people can take part in hobby activities within limitations, upper secondary schools move to contact teaching

13.4.2021 / Available Covid-vaccinations for people in risk groups 1 and 2 for week 15

3.4.2021 / Possible Covid-exposures at Training House gym

12.3.2021 / Two pupils from Nanu school diagnosed with Covid-infections

11.3.2021 / An employee of Papinpelto daycare center diagnosed with a Covid-infection

7.3.2021 / Eight new Covid infections in Rauma from people in the same work community

3.3.2021 / 78 New Covid-infections diagnosed on Rauma shipyard area workers during the weekend and Monday

2.3.2021 / Covid-infection diagnosed on a pupil from Pohjoiskehä school related to earlier case

23.2.2021 / Stay home with your family -campaign encourages everyone to do their part

21.2.2021 / Hundreds of production workers from Rauma shipyard quarantined

20.2.2021 / New Covid infections on Rauma shipyard – all personnel have now been tested

19.2.2021 / 52 new Covid infections at the shipyard

19.2.2021 / Coronavirus vaccinations on week 8

17.2.2021 / Seven new Covid infections at the shipyard

16.2.2021 / 23 new Covid infections diagnosed in Rauma shipyard

15.2.2021 / No new infections diagnosed at Saga Kanalinranta

15.2.2021 / Ten new Covid infections at Rauma shipyard

14.2.2021 / Six Covid infections diagnosed in sheltered housing service Saga Kanalinranta

14.2.2021 / 13 combined covid-infections on Rauma shipyard

12.2.2021 / The vaccination situation in Rauma on week 7

5.2.2021 / Two covid-infections in Rauma normaalikoulu Teacher Training School

5.2.2021 / Rauma is in the spreading stage of the epidemic – the city closes sport and culture facilities

3.2.2021 / Areva employee diagnosed with COVID-19 – possible mass exposure in a training session in Rauma

29.1.2021 / Covid-infection in Nanu school

25.1.2021 / Covid-situation declining in Rauma

22.1.2021 / New covid-cases in Rauma – the strong mask recommendation should be followed

11.01.2021 / Covid-regulations extended until 31 January

18.12.2020 / Current Covid-guidelines and recommendations extended – in effect in Rauma and Satakunta until 10 January 2021

2.12.2020 / Covid-instructions in Satakunta refined – in effect until December 31st

1.12.2020 / The education department focuses recommendations regarding hobbies and activities

30.11.2020 / New Covid-guidelines emphasize mask recommendations and limit hobby activities for adults in Rauma

27.11.2020 / New Covid-19 regulations in Satakunta also affect recommendations in Rauma

20.11.2020 / Education services reminds guardians on the use of masks

20.11.2020 / Coronavirus infection in Kari school

13.11.2020 / Rauma is in the acceleration stage in the coronavirus epidemic – regional mask recommendation in effect

15.9.2020 / The Finnish institute of health and welfare recommends corona-testing school-age children for even with mild symptoms

8.9.2020 / Koronavilkku helps with preventing infections

20.8.2020 / Fees and rates will be eased for children in early childhood education after school activities as well as for culture and sport events

4.8.2020 / All those exposed to coronavirus in Rauma acute clinic have been contacted

3.8.2020 / Rauma had one new COVID-19 -case and exposures on Sunday August 2nd

8.5.2020 / Pre-primary education will begin on 14 May. All early childhood education units in Rauma will open on 11 May

8.5.2020 / Basic education will return to contact teaching – Schools will open on 15 May in Rauma

5.5.2020 / The City of Rauma is preparing to gradually open education, culture and leisure services

16.4.2020 / Food bags for families of children in pre-primary and basic education are meant for all children in distance learning

15.4.2020 / Food bags for families of children in pre-primary and basic education will be distributed at the turn of April and May

8.4.2020 / Exceptional arrangements for education will be extended until 13 May

2.4.2020 / The situation in early childhood education remains the same – flexibility in billing proposed

27.3.2020 / Changes in healthcare services for children and young people

24.3.2020 The City of Rauma will open a pandemic-clinic on 25 March

24.4.2020 Rauma will invoice families for after school activities only of the days when the child is in attendance

24.4.2020 April invoices for early childhood education services will only be sent to families using the services

24.4.2020 Rauma is reducing the number of public transport routes temporarily

20.3.2020 The City of Rauma will offer contact teaching for all 1st to 3rd graders if needed from 23 March onwards

19.3.2020 / Five schools and twelve daycare centers on in Rauma from 23 March onwards

18.3.2020 / Rauma continues to map put the needs of early childhood education and classroom teaching in order to support the condensation of the city’s service structure

17.3.2020 / Rauma prepares to compact the city’s service structure during the ongoing coronavirus epidemic

17.3.2020 / Rauma will close schools and move to distance learning on Wednesday 18 March

6.3.2020 / Contact health care services if you suspect you have contracted the coronavirus