Coronavirus-related news

15.9.2020 / The Finnish institute of health and welfare recommends corona-testing school-age children for even with mild symptoms

8.9.2020 / Koronavilkku helps with preventing infections

20.8.2020 / Fees and rates will be eased for children in early childhood education after school activities as well as for culture and sport events

4.8.2020 / All those exposed to coronavirus in Rauma acute clinic have been contacted

3.8.2020 / Rauma had one new COVID-19 -case and exposures on Sunday August 2nd

8.5.2020 / Pre-primary education will begin on 14 May. All early childhood education units in Rauma will open on 11 May

8.5.2020 / Basic education will return to contact teaching – Schools will open on 15 May in Rauma

5.5.2020 / The City of Rauma is preparing to gradually open education, culture and leisure services

16.4.2020 / Food bags for families of children in pre-primary and basic education are meant for all children in distance learning

15.4.2020 / Food bags for families of children in pre-primary and basic education will be distributed at the turn of April and May

8.4.2020 / Exceptional arrangements for education will be extended until 13 May

2.4.2020 / The situation in early childhood education remains the same – flexibility in billing proposed

27.3.2020 / Changes in healthcare services for children and young people

24.3.2020 The City of Rauma will open a pandemic-clinic on 25 March

24.4.2020 Rauma will invoice families for after school activities only of the days when the child is in attendance

24.4.2020 April invoices for early childhood education services will only be sent to families using the services

24.4.2020 Rauma is reducing the number of public transport routes temporarily

20.3.2020 The City of Rauma will offer contact teaching for all 1st to 3rd graders if needed from 23 March onwards

19.3.2020 / Five schools and twelve daycare centers on in Rauma from 23 March onwards

18.3.2020 / Rauma continues to map put the needs of early childhood education and classroom teaching in order to support the condensation of the city’s service structure

17.3.2020 / Rauma prepares to compact the city’s service structure during the ongoing coronavirus epidemic

17.3.2020 / Rauma will close schools and move to distance learning on Wednesday 18 March

6.3.2020 / Contact health care services if you suspect you have contracted the coronavirus