Social services and health care

Are you familiar with the terminology related to the virus?


A person is considered exposed to the coronavirus if they have had close contact with someone who has been clinically diagnosed with the coronavirus. Close contact in this case attends to someone living or visiting in the same household.

Health care services will contact people who have been in close contact. They will be notified about a possible contagion and given at home treatment instructions if showing mild symptoms. Additionally they will receive information about seeking treatment if they develop severe symptoms.


A person exposed to the coronavirus can be placed in quarantine. The people in close contact to the exposed person will not need to be quarantined, because they have not been in contact with someone diagnosed with the virus.

Quarantined people are allowed to be outdoors, as long as they do not come in close contact with other people. They must maintain a minimum of two meters distance to everyone else. Whilst in quarantine people are not allowed to visit any other indoor space.


Isolation is when sick people with the virus are separated from people who are healthy. There can be both a sick person and an exposed person in the same family. The quarantined exposed person must be protected from getting sick either with instructions or arranging living somewhere else. If needed the city will provide food and a place to be quarantined in.