Social services and health care

Family work of child welfare supports and advances the wellbeing of children, young people and families. People come to family work through a social worker when they are worried about child´s growth, development, wellbeing or the parent’s parenthood.

Family work is started by creating a plan, where the aim and content for the work are agreed on, together with a social worker who is responsible for child’s and parents´ matters.  Ways of working are sought together with family to enhance secure growth and development, and increase wellbeing and the independent initiative of a family. In addition to home visits, group working is also possible if needed.

Family work’s support:

  • supporting relations between a child and a parent
  • finding positive growing methods
  • finding and increasing family’s own resources
  • helping to manage in everyday troubles
  • encouraging to spend time together with family
  • working together
  • inquiring services
  • supporting the development according to age level