Child welfare’s substitute care

Substitute care refers to the care- and rearing arrangement outside the home when a child has been taken into custody or placed urgently.

Sometimes difficulties might be so serious that it is better for a child to be arranged their care outside the home either in a foster family, a professional family home, or an institution. Custody might occur also into kindred family.

Usually custody is prepared for a long time with a child and a family. Client plan is needed with custody as well. It includes the meaning and the aim of custody, and the communication between a child and their loved ones. Statements can be requested from professionals of child´s growth and development.

Parent whose child has been taken into custody, can receive their own client plan for guidance and support. ( is a peer group for biological parents with placed children.)

Urgent custody

If a child is in immediate danger or otherwise needs urgent substitute care, he/she can be placed into family or institutional care with an urgent custody decision. Maintaining and retaining the connection with child´s own parents and siblings is important for child´s own development even if he/she is not living at home. Loved ones are able to visit in custody place and the child can visit at home. Parents participate in the negotiations concerning the child.