From 1 January 2023, Satakunta wellbeing services county is responsible for social and health services.
Social services and health care

Family support center provides child welfare services to people of Rauma, and according to possibilities, for residents and child families within the whole Rauma area. Family support center is located in Ota area, nearby the sports field and the sea, in the building built in the 1950s. There are good premises for family appointments and also for activities of departments. There is also a family apartment.

Operating models support families and are targeted for the whole family. Working groups are multi-professional and consist of workers from social-, healthcare- and education fields.

In family support center, support actions of community- and foster care belong to the forms of work.

Community work forms of Family support center:

Intensified family work

Intensified family work of child welfare is targeted for families, who have special worries about endangered development and growth of their child. Social worker of child welfare guides to becoming a client.

Family evaluation- and rehabilitation work

Family evaluation working is executed as a pair work at family´s home or during a department period. Evaluation period is four weeks, rehabilitation- and tracking period lasts ten weeks.

Professional support person

Professional support work is intensive support, mainly for children and young people studying from fifth to ninth class, who are under substitute threat.

Crisis department of Family support center

Crisis department is on call- living department of Family support center. It receives clients of child welfare in acute situations, when client´s situation demands more thoughtful investigation.

Support department of family support center

Support department offers short-time institutional care as a support action of a non-institutional care for children, young people and their families.