Report to Child welfare

Anyone can make a child welfare report but several professions and honorary members have statutory obligations to make one. Children or young people can also contact Child welfare by themselves.

When should a notification be given? (E.g. in the following situations)

  • child is treated poorly
  • small child is late outdoors alone
  • child cries continuously
  • if it is suspected that child is battered or otherwise treated badly
  • child/young person uses intoxicants or is interfered with offences
  • child harms him-/herself

How is the report made?

Notification is made to the city’s social office. It can be made by phone, in written form, or by visiting the office personally. Because of the sensitivity of the data, it should not be made via e-mail.  There are existing forms that can be used, but filling them is not pre-requisite for making a notification.

Filled form can be sent to address:

Social office / Child welfare
Kalliokatu 1
26100 Rauma

Or via fax +358 2 823 3278