Resident rooms

There are two resident rooms in Rauma: a place called Lajotupa in Lajo area, and a place called Merimajakka in Merirauma area.


Family center arranges different activities in Lajotupa for children, youngsters and their families, in co-operation with different parties.


Local room Merimajakka is a sub-ordinate room to the city’s social work. It is Merirauma´s “living room” where residents are able to come and chat with each other, participate in activities, read magazines, browse through internet, or just spend their time. Support groups for children, mothers and elderly are arranged, and they regularly gather in Merimajakka. For example The Infant Café gathers on Mondays and elderly have their own coffee club on Thursdays.

New ideas are always welcome and activities change according to different parties involved. Resources are collected by rummage sales and various happenings, which give their proceeds to benefit and delight visitors.