Christmas Time in the Lace Town

Rauma – the Most Beautiful Christmas Town in Finland

Rauma sweater

Christmas town Rauma is gifting a Rauma lace sweater pattern for everyone to use. The pattern was designed and completed by lace artist Tarmo Thorström together with Katrina Salo. The pattern was inspired by the Uus kultseppä and Mandeljepyri Rauma laces.

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Christmas Story of the Lace Town

A long time ago, a group of particularly charismatic and skillful Christmas elves arrived in the port of Rauma after sailing the seas as stowaways…

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The visual look of the Rauma Christmas town conveys the atmosphere of a lace town

The visual identity for the Rauma Christmas Town project was published in events held for local operators on Wednesday 15 September. The main elements in the identity are the main Raumlaine Joul -icon with it’s english counterpart Christmas in Rauma, as well as the delicate lace snow stars and a playful Christmas town illustration.

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