Christmas in Lace Town

Old wooden houses and courtyards with twinkly Christmas lights, snow-covered roofs and streets, and a clear, starry sky. The Lace Town will once again be filled with the warm, joyous, and peaceful spirit of Christmas.

Joulevangeeljum – a unique musical production debuting in Finland

This year, the magic of Christmas springs from strong emotions, a warm atmosphere, and exceptional art, when the Lace Town’s annual Christmas celebration culminates in a unique interactive musical performance. The Joulevangeeljum spectacle will fill the streets of Old Rauma and the hearts of the townspeople on Saturday 17.12. – for the first time in Finland.

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Rauma sweater

Christmas town Rauma is gifting a Rauma lace sweater pattern for everyone to use. The pattern was designed and completed by lace artist Tarmo Thorström together with Katrina Salo. The pattern was inspired by the Uus kultseppä and Mandeljepyri Rauma laces.

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