Christmas decorations recycling events

Christmas decorations recycling events are part of lace town´s Christmas season. Events are held in Old College (Vähäkoulukatu) on Saturdays 26.11., 3.12., 10.12. and 17.12. at 10.00–14.00. You can participate in two ways. You can exchange Christmas decorations – bring something and take something home with you. Or you can book a table to sell your products.

You can bring Christmas decorations like elfs, decorations for Christmas tree, Christmas fabric etc. Visitors can take the decorations home for free.

Book a table in advance

Reservation for a table must be done in advance by email Price is 15 euros. Table size is 120×120 centimeters and there is total 10 tables.

One person can book a table for all Saturdays, but if there is a lot of participants, first timers have priority. Sold products can be for example homemade delicacies, post cards, socks and candles. Sellers can arrive one hour before the event. The table has to be cleaned one hour after the event. Don´t leave your table unattended.

Notice that you can´t enter the building with studded shoes.

Events are organized in cooperation by City of Rauma and Kirsi Ajomo (Car boot sales in Rauma).