Christmas Lights in Old Rauma

Christmas time in Rauma starts, when the Christmas lights are turned on in Old Rauma. The lights bring light, joy and Christmas spirit to the dark winter season.

The lighting is carried out responsibly and thoughtfully. The city’s Christmas lights work with LED technology, which is energy-efficient.

Kitukränn – the smallest Christmas street in Finland

The light and sound art work The smallest Christmas street in Finland.

Kitukränn – the smallest Christmas street in Finland is a light and sound art work in Old Rauma. The art work is on display every day from 26.11. to 26.12. at 15.00–22.00.

The art work is designed by artist Jaakko Niemelä from Rauma. His central element in his works is light. Niemelä is interested in the combination of natural light and artificial light, as well as shadows and darkness.

The art work is made of five fake windows attached to the walls of the houses along Kitukränn. The fake windows are projected with light. The sound of the work includes the sounds of the home and children’s stories about the windows and the things that happen behind them.

– I wanted to keep the art work simple and black and white, so it fits perfectly against the colourful Old Rauma buildings and other Christmas lights, tells artist Jaakko Niemelä.

Kitukränn – the smallest Christmas street in Finland was on display for the first time in Christmas 2021.

The lights of Old Rauma main streets

Christmas lights on the Kuninkaankatu street in Old Rauma.

Tree-shaped green lights in Kuninkaankatu and Kauppakatu streets are from 2001. They are designed by Architect Jukka Koivula. Notice the different top designs, when you walk on the streets. The top design varies in different parts of the streets.

Also the light wreaths on the colums and lights on the big Christmas tree in a Market place, the light lace work on the wall of the Old Town Hall and the lights around the shops entrances are part of the Christmas decorations of the Old Rauma.

The City of Rauma, the Rauma Entrepreneurs and the Vanha Rauma Foundation together make it possible for those walking the streets to enjoy the beautiful Christmas lights. Attention has been paid to the environmental friendliness of the lighting. The lights in the spruce frames were changed to energy-efficient LED lights in 2014.

Traditionally the Christmas lights are turned on during the Christmas opening event. The lights can be enjoyed also after the New Year’s Eve.

Lace art work Ancient light, Spectaculum 79 Ceti

Lace light art work on the wall of the Old Town Hall.

Lace art work Ancient light, Spectaculum 79 Ceti is designed by Lace Artist Tarmo Thorström. The lace pattern is called Mandelruusu. The lace light work is visible in the dark on the wall of the Old Town Hall.

Lumen Light Art Event 31.12.–7.1.

Illuminated Old City Hall.
Old City Hall during Lumen in January 2022.

Lumen Light Art event is organized this year for the third time. The event brings light to the darkest time of the year. Opening of the Lumen is on New Year’s Eve 31.12. and it lasts until the Epiphany weekend, 7.1.2023. The main venues are inner yard of the Rauma City Hall and Kalatori square in Old Rauma.

The event is organized in cooperation with the City of Rauma, Rauma Energia and Osuuskauppa Keula.

Special attention is paid to energy issues this year. The lighting is energy-efficient with LED lights, the number of works has been reduced from previous years and the event time has been shortened a bit.