Welcome to Rauma City Library!


In addition to the Main Library, Rauma has libraries in Kodisjoki, Kourujärvi, Lappi and Pyynpää and a mobile library.


Corona restrictions continue in the Rauma City Library

Libraries will be kept open and lending will continue, but people will not be allowed to stay in the library premises. Office opening hours and the mobile library schedule remain unchanged. Newspaper reading rooms and work areas will be closed. Reservable spaces are not in use. Most of the customer computers will be out of use, but the lending and return machines will be kept in operation.
Main section of the library is not open for the public, but the staff can pick up material for customers. Children and youth section will be open with limited attendance. Mask recommendation for people over the age of 12 must be followed.

All covid-measures already in use in Rauma – the mayor emphasizes compliance with the restrictions