Becoming a student in the Music Institute

Music as a hobby: options in the Music Institute

At the Music Institute, you can study playing an instrument by applying to become a student through student admissions. Without the admission test, you can participate in the brass band school, choirs (children’s choir, youth choirs, boys’ choir), kantele groups and groups of music perception studies. The groups of early childhood music education alias music playschool and musical instrument training are open for children aged 0-6 and 6-8.

We help you in matters related to student admission and registration at the Music Institute office, tel. 044 793 3551,

Instrument introduction videos can be found on the Music Institute’s Facebook page The videos are available also on Instagram @raumanmusiikkiopisto


Brass band school

Brass band school is an instrument group intended for beginner players where you get to know different wind instruments and practice both privately and in a group.

We help you in matters related to student selection and registration at the Music Institute’s office, tel. 044 793 3551,

Music playschool, music instrument training and Finnish Zither/kantele groups

Musiikkileikkikouluun, soitinvalmennukseen ja kanteleryhmiin voi ilmoittautua ottamalla yhteyttä toimistoon.


You can register for choirs by contacting the office. New singers are recruited to the choirs also during the academic year.


During the basic and advanced studies, the student must have a major in addition to which the student’s studies include studying the general subjects of music according to the curriculum of the Music Institute (music perception studies). At the required stage of their studies, students are also obliged to participate in ensemble playing. The right to study a minor is granted by the headmaster on a case-by-case basis after consulting the teacher and the student.

If the student is studying a major at another educational institution, it is possible for them to receive minor subject tuition at the Music Institute of Rauma.

The teaching of instruments suitable for accompaniment (piano, guitar, accordion) must also include the teaching of free accompaniment.

In addition to the tuition in the lessons, it is good for the student of the Music Institute to deepen their common musical knowledge and also their knowledge of other arts by attending student evenings, concerts and art events.

Student admissions for studies starting in the following autumn semester are organised in the spring.

Music groups

Rauman poikasoittokunta / Rauma Boy’s Band

New players of all ages, both boys and girls, are accepted in the autumn. Tuition fees: 140 €/academic year (includes a group lesson by the Music Institute’s teacher, 15 min/player and the orchestra), mere orchestra fee 50 €/academic year.

Minidina children’s choir

Meetings once a week. The instructor of the choir is Kerttu Rapala. The choir fee is 50€/academic year.

Musadina choir

Meetings once a week. The instructor of the choir is Kerttu Rapala. The choir fee is 50€/academic year.

Youth choir Melodina

The choir practices at the premises of Rauma high school once a week. The instructor of the choir is Paula Kuusisto. You can apply to join the choir throughout the entire operating season. The choir fee is 50€/academic year.

Rauma Boys’ Choir

All boys over the age of 6 who like to sing are welcome to the Rauma Boys’ Choir! Rehearsals are held once a week in the Music Institute’s Alasali. There are no auditions for the choir and you can join at any time during the academic year. The instructor of the choir is Markku Haavisto. The choir fee is 50€/academic year.


Are you interested in playing music together and performing? Join Kakrut! Kakru’s activities are designed for 3rd-6th grade primary school children. Music is made in a variety of ways and you can join as a singer or a player (band and rhythm instruments/orchestral instruments). You can join by contacting the instructor Laura Salmi. The tuition fee is 50€/ academic year.

Music playgroups and kantele groups

Music playgroups for 0-7 year olds. 5-string Finnish Zithers/kanteles are used by 5-7-year-olds. Inquiries from the Music Institute.

Musical instrument training

In the musical instrument training group aimed at 6-9 year olds, basic musical skills are studied by singing, moving and playing rhythm and tab instruments, the Finnish Zither/kantele and the recorder. The tuition fee is 120 €/ academic year. Inquiries from the Music Institute.

Music perception studies

You can also register to participate in the teaching of musical perception studies if there is space in the groups corresponding to your skill level. The tuition fee is 75 €. Inquiries from the Music Institute.