Early childhood music education

You can register for the music playschool and musical instrument training by contacting the office of the Music Institute. You can also get more information about the groups and registration from the office.

Early childhood music education is teaching that progresses from one level to another, the goal of which is to develop the child’s creativity, musical abilities and self-esteem. In early music education, the child learns to listen to and experience music and to express themselves through music. Positive musical experiences and the skills the students learn form the basis for a good relationship with music and for later music studies.

Music playschool

Music playschool is intended for children aged 0-6. We sing, rhyme, move, play and listen to music in the music playschool. Around the age of 5, we start to learn how to play the Finnish Zither/kantele. The groups are filled in order of registration.

Musical instrument training

Musical instrument training is mainly intended for 6-8 year old children who are starting school. The teaching takes place in a group and includes singing, singing games, exercise and getting to know different instruments and rhythm instruments. The groups are filled in order of registration.