Living in World Heritage and Community Involvement


“Living in World Heritage and Community Involvement”


Tammela15:00–17:00 Registration, Renovation Centre Tammela, Eteläpitkäkatu 17
17:00–18:30 Old Rauma theme tours by walk: tourism, archaeology, renovation, city planning
Please notice that the streets of Old Rauma are mainly made with cobble stones, so please bring shoes with good support.
19:00–20:30 Get together at Renovation Centre Tammela
Welcome to Rauma, Mayor Kari Koski

TUESDAY 12.9.2017 “DAY 1” IN TOWN THEATER, Alfredinkatu 2

Please notice that we will spend time in the evening outside at Poroholma. Bring warm clothes with you already in the morning so you’ll stay comfortable.

8:30 Registration (if not registered yet)
9:00 Welcome speeches
Opening the Conference, Pekka Wallenius, Deputy Chairman of the City Council
Rauno Kettunen, Moderator for the conference
9:10–10:35 Living in World Heritage
– World Heritage and Community Involvement. Professor Jukka Jokilehto, Special Advisor to the Director General of ICCROM.
– Living in the World Heritage Sites in Finland: Cases Old Rauma and Suomenlinna. University lecturer Riina Haanpää, University of Turku & University researcher Pauliina Latvala-Harvilahti, University of Turku.
10:35–11:00 Coffee break
11:00–12:30 Making World Heritage Meaningful to the Community, part I
– World Heritage as a motor for economic growth and social inclusion. Senior Adviser
Maria Wikman, Swedish National Heritage Board
– Community-Based Approach to Sustainability, Heritage and Tourism. Project Manager Laura
Puolamäki, City of Rauma.
– Not just a window – a toolbox for conflict reduction in an urban protected area. Director Odd
Sletten, Røros museum.
– Community involvement in practice – from social added values to the preservation of the Outstanding Universal Value. Conservator Juliana Strogan, Norwegian Industrial Workers Museum.

12:30–13:30 Lunch at the restaurant of the Town Theater
13:30–14:45 Urban Planning and World Heritage
– Hanseatic Town of Visby: Planning, Protection and Sustainable Development in a Nordic World
Heritage City. Christian Hegardt, City Architect, Region of Gotland.
– World Heritage and City Planning. Sakari Mentu, Architect of City Environment Sector, City of Helsinki.
– Buffer Zone and Old Rauma. City planning architect Mervi Tammi, City of Rauma.
14:45 Outlook on Nordic World Heritage Work
– State of Affairs. John Bryde, the first chairman of the Nordic World Heritage Association.
– World Heritage Leadership program. Eugene Jo, the Programme coordinator, ICCROM
– Report from the 41st World Heritage committee session in Krakow 2017. Senior Adviser Stefan Wessman, National Board of Antiquities.
16:00–16:30 Coffee break
16:30–16:45 We’ll walk to the movie theater, Savilankatu 4
17:00–18:30 Tim Slade’s the Destruction of Memory. Movie Theater Iso-Hannu, Savilankatu 4.
18:45 Pick-up from the Savila bus terminal
19:00–22:00 Casual dinner outside (Poroholma, Poroholmantie 8)
Please notice warm clothes.
22:00 Pick-up to the hotels by bus

WEDNESDAY 13.9.2017 “DAY 2” AT POSELLI, Nortamonkatu 12

poselli9:00–10:00 Conflict Resolution in Landscape Areas
– A new way of thinking: Methods to get the local society in Laponia involved in the management of the World Heritage. Kristin Nilsson, supervisor of naturum Laponia Visitor Centre, Laponiatjuottjudus
– Challenges and discussions in a continuing landscape – The Agricultural Landscape of Southern Öland. Emma Rydnér, World Heritage Coordinator, Agricultural Landscape of Southern Öland
10.00–10.30 Coffee break
10.30–12.00 Making World Heritage Meaningful to the Community, part II
– BOOM! From a quiet little town to a magnet for tourists. Hear how they dealt with that in Jelling. Manager of Public Programmes and Events Morten Teilmann-Jørgensen, Kongernes Jelling – National Museum of Denmark.
– Archaeological facts through transmedia storytelling. Aleka Karageorgopoulos, Museum manager Vitlycke museum and Site manager Tanum World Heritage, Hans Lundenmark, Educator Vitlycke museum.
– Management of Archaeological Heritage Sites Open to the Public. Annemarie Willems MA,
Executive Director for Friends of ICAHM / AW Heritage Consultancy.
12:00–13:30 Lunch in Old Rauma in several restaurants
– Café Sali, Goto, Kalatori, Savila, Vanhan Rauman Kellari
We have divided the participants into five groups, which are all led by an official from the city. You can see the members of each group at the conference place in the morning.

13:30–14:30 Panel discussion: How to Solve Conflicts in Living World Heritage?
Professor Jukka Jokilehto, Special Advisor to the Director General of ICCROM
John Bryde, the first chairman of the Nordic World Heritage Association
Eugene Jo, World Heritage Leadership Programme Coordinator, ICCROM
Senior Adviser Stefan Wessman, National Board of Antiquities.
14:30–14:45 See you in Denmark next year! Morten Teilmann-Jørgensen
14:45–15:00 Introduction to the Bronze Age Burial Site of Sammallahdenmäki (City of Rauma)
Hanna-Leena Salminen, Museum Director Rauma Museum
15:00–15:15 Summing up / final words, Moderator
15:30 Bus to Sammallahdenmäki World Heritage Site
Hautaröykkiö Sammallahdenmäellä16:00 Sammallahdenmäki tour in several groups
Please, prepare for possible bad weather, good shoes.
17:00 Unveiling the plaque commemorating the inscription of Sammallahdenmäki to the World Heritage List, Professor Jukka Jokilehto, Special Advisor to the Director General of ICCROM
17:45–18:15 Leaving Sammallahdenmäki by bus, going to the hotels
19:30 Bus from the hotels to Juhlahovi via Hotel Vanha Rauma, Cityhovi, Raumanlinna, Cumulus
20:00 Dinner and folk music at Juhlahovi (Tikkalantie 7)
23:15 Bus to the hotels

If you have any questions, please take a contact to the World Heritage Coordinator Jussi Telaranta. Furthermore, please let us know if you are unable to attend dinner or Sammallahdenmäki tour.