Waste container

  • recycled waste and hazardous waste must be removed from the mixed waste
  • it must be compact and intact, it must also have wheels and grips
  • dust, ash or similar dust is packed so that it does not leak into the environment when it is emptied
  • the maximum weight of the hand-movable waste container is 60 kg
  • overweight containers may be left unloaded if the waste container can be broken
  • the garbage truck has unobstructed access up to 10 meters from the waste container
  • the areas and the passageways are such that the container can be easily moved ( snow moved, passageways sanded)
  • a garbage bag rack is not allowed as a collection tool
  • extra waste may be temporarily left in bags next to the waste container


Do not put to the container

  • fire and explosive wastes
  • liquid wastes
  • hazardous waste
  • toilet waste
  • sanding sand or soil
  • large and heavy objects, construction waste
  • electrical and electronic waste
  • recycled wastes



  • make an agreed emptying period (1, 2 or 4 weeks) on a given day of the week
  • an extension of 8 or 12 weeks can be obtained by a waste management authority’s decision if the bio-waste is composted to the heated composter
  • applying for a change or making a reminder to the waste bill will be made by the waste management customer service
  • exceptionally, the emptying day may be changed if weekdays falls on public holidays, transport equipment breaks or an unforeseen situation occurs
  • the temporary changes of the emptying date are not reported, so you should keep the waste container permanently in the same place


Waste disposal fee

Waste disposal fee is charged despite the fact that the container is ..

  • empty when retrieved
  • too heavy
  • broken
  • too far
  • the passage to the garbage truck is blocked
  • the passageway is impassable


The billing period is 3 months