Hazardous waste collection

Kuvassa otetaan vastaan vaarallisia jätteitä mobiilikeräyksessä

Hazardous waste collection is organized annually. Schedules are announced closer to the event.

  • You can bring to collection free of charge, for example the following hazardous household wastes:

oils, batteries, car batteries, paints, solvents, fluorescent, pesticides, medicines.

  • Pack and mark your hazardous wastes!
  • NO EXPLOSIVES! Report explosives to the police.
  • Contact the Hevossuo waste station for larger amounts of hazardous wastes. Those will be picked up separately.

We do not accept household appliances, also we don’t take any electronic wastes or impregnated wood. Transport them to Hevossuo waste station during the opening hours (mon-fri 7am-6pm), where reception is free. The car will also not receive household waste.

Call for larger waste oils, they are picked up separately. Don’t bring hazardous wastes in advance of the collection or after the collection.

More information:
Hevossuo Waste Treatment Centre  tel. 044 403 6420