Hevossuo Waste Treatment Centre

 Hevossuo Waste Treatment Centre will accept

  • municipal waste / burnable waste ( previously known as mixed waste)
  • construction waste
    – separate containers: asbestos, wool, drywall, bitumen roofing felt
  • raking and garden waste
  • soil and stone material, surplus land Note! Only when agreed separately
  • sanitary porcelain
  • brick, tile and concrete
  • industrial waste
  • slightly contaminated soils
  • recycle paper and cardboard
  • glass
  • metal
  • plastic packages
  • styrofoam
  • batteries
  • vehicle batteries
  • paint, varnish, solvents
  • waste oil, pesticides
  • medicines
  • construction timber/boards
  • pressure-impregnated wood
  • electrical devices
  • tyres
  • watered sludge
  • end-of-life-textiles
  • UFF clothes collection

Hevossuo Waste Treatment Centre won’t accept

  • quarry
  • explosives and fireworks
  • large quantities of soil materials without separate agreement
  • data security waste

The sorting point for small amounts of waste

  • Designed for small amounts of wastes that are imported by private cars or vans.
  • The waste handling fee can be paid in cash or with debit card.
  • The waste handling fee is charged mainly on the weight of the load.
  • Waste load should be sorted to the container at the waste treatment centre
  • The staff of the waste treatment centre will guide the sorting process if necessary.