Recycling points

Kuvassa jäteastia kierrätyspisteeltä


In the city of Rauma, there are several recycling points for both complementary packaging waste and for other recyclable waste collections. The costs of the points are covered by the waste fee. In some of these points there are also a battery compartment, the UFF clothing collection container and the Salvation Army collection container. These points are intended specifically for the wastes mentioned above. Don’t leave any other waste or large objects that do not fit into the collection containers.

Unfortunately, recycling points are also misused and cause additional cleaning and transportation costs, which are then covered by waste fees. This isn’t a good thing for the cleanliness of the environment and it is annoying to those who sorts precisely and carefully and recycles their waste. Take the extra waste from the renovation or moving projects, for example hazardous waste and electrical devices to Hevossuo Waste Treatment Centre.

The recycling point network was renewed in 2016.

Recycling points are displayed on the map: Kierrä