The recycling point network was renewed

At the turn of the year 2016, the full producer responsibility for packaging came into force, when the packaging obligation was transferred from the municipalities to packaging producers. Collective responsibility has so far been on the municipalities, and now it has passed on packaged products to companies importing marquises, namely trade and industry. Producer communities of different packaging materials are responsible for the collection and recycling of fiber, glass, metal, plastic and wood packaging. Recycling fees collected from packaging companies using packages and packaged products finance the purchase of collection containers and transport services and the organization of packaging recycling. Consumers pay recycling, ultimately, in product prices.

Packing producers are represented by Finnish Packaging Recycling RINKI Oy. In Rauma, Rinki Oy has concluded an agreement with Veikko Lehti Oy, which manages the Rauma area’s collection of producer-liability packaging. Veikko Lehti Oy also takes care of the proper communication of residents of each ecopoint and issues related to collection and sorting of advice in accordance with Ring’s nationwide sorting guidelines.

Rauma’s current recycling points directly under producer responsibility include carton / cardboard and glass collections, all of them are packagings. Collectibles of these sorts disappeared early in 2017 from collection points.

Rauma Regional Waste Management Facility can supplement Rinki Oy’s network in future in areas where Rinki’s ecopoints or the collections of housing companies do not serve the residents. The costs of the points maintained by Rauma Regional Waste Management Facility will be covered by the waste fees.

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