Burnable waste

Burnable waste is collected in Hevossuo waste treatment centre. It’s a new combined name for mixed and energy waste now that those waste sorts goes to the same waste-to-energy plant (incinerator plant), Westenergy.


Dirty plastic packaging materials and other plastics than plastic packaging materials.

  • dishbrush
  • childrens plastic toys
  • binders / folders
  • contact plastics
  • slide / transparency


  • plastic tubes
  • rain clothes
  • rubberboots / rainboots


  • shoes
  • unsuitable for recycling textiles and styrox
  • dirty papers and cardboards
  • LP-, CD-, DVD-records and casettes
  • paperware /disposable utensils
  • book covers
  •  diapers and menstrual pads
  • plastic rugs
  • wallpapers
  • foams