Electrical devices

Kuvassa shkö- ja elektroniikkaromua


Electrical and electronic equipments are devices that need to be powered by electricity or battery.

The obligation of the producer of electrical devices is to promote the reuse of decommissioned (inoperative) electrical devices.


  • refrigerators, freezers
  • washing machines, dishwashers
  • stoves, microwave ovens
  • televisions, video, camcorders
  • smoke alarms
  • radios, loudspeakers, players
  • computers, printers, monitors, keyboards
  • vacuum cleaners (without dust bag), sewing machines
  • hairdryers, irons, shavers
  • mangles, toasters, coffee makers
  • lamps, flashlights
  • fluorescent lamps, energy-saving lamps
  • electrical and electronic tools (not industrial tools)
  • medical devices
  • observation and monitoring equipments


  • pre-treated or dismantled equipment
  • loose batteries
  • incandescent lamps/ light bulbs