Electrical devices

Kuvassa shkö- ja elektroniikkaromua


Electrical devices requires some kind of electrical power sources or batteries to operate. Free of charge reception at The Hevossuo Waste Treatment Centre for i.e. batteries, energy-saving light bulbs and fluorescent tubes. Can also be delivered to some stores selling them.


  • refrigerators, freezers
  • washing machines, dishwashers
  • cookers, microwave ovens
  • TVs, video machines, video cameras
  • radios, speakers, digital cameras, instruments
  • computers, printers, screens, keyboards
  • vacuum cleaners (please remove all bags), sewing machines
  • hair dryers, ironing boards, electric shavers
  • wringers, toasters, coffee machines
  • lights, torches
  • electrical and electronic tools (excluding industrial tools)
  • medical equipment
  • monitoring equipment
  • fire alarms with batteries removed
  • energy-, led- and fluorescent lights


  • dismantled devices
  • loose batteries