Kuvassa poistotekstiilejä, vanhoja pyyhkeitä


Textiles that are unnecessary for the user should be primarily used for reuse. Textiles should be recycled, sold or donated. You can donate clothes, home textiles, toys and shoes in good condition to charities. If this is not possible, textiles are recycled as material or utilized as energy.

End-of-life textiles are utilized as material

End-of-life textiles are unusable and unnecessary home textiles and clothes. Utilization as a material means the opening of textile fibers and the reprocessing and use of the fiber obtained from it. Recycled fiber is processed into products for the automotive and textile industries.

The end-of-life textiles should be packed in a plastic bag. Collection containers for end-of-life textiles can be found from the recycling points maintained by Rauma Waste Management in Rauma and Eurajoki. In Luvia the end-of-life textile collection container is at S-market’s ecopoint.

End-of-life textiles must be clean, dry and odorless. They must also not contain textile pests, not even traces of pests. The end-of-life textiles are sorted by hand, so we hope you follow the instructions.

You can find receiving points from the map at www.kierratys.info.


  • coats, pants, skirts ja shirts
  • sheets, towels, curtains and tablecloth


  • shoes, bags, belts, underwear, socks, tights
  • pillows, blankets, sleeping bags and stuffed toys
  • dirty textiles, like damp, moldy, strong odour/smell
  • rugs