End-of-life textiles

Kuvassa poistotekstiilejä, vanhoja pyyhkeitä


Dry clothes and home textiles: Ripped, broken or worn out clothes.
Pack in a plastic bag. Materials will be sorted and transported to reuse, to recycle and to energy.

End-of-life textiles are received at

  • Hevossuo Waste Treatment Centre
  • Kourujärvi / Pärskä
  • Eteläkatu
  • Itsenäisyydenkatu
  • Kappelinsalmi
  • School of Kaaro
  • Uotila
  • Lappi / Myllykuja

You can find receiving points from the map at www.kierratys.info.

End-of-life textiles (pdf)


  • sheets
  • towels
  • tablecloths
  • coats
  • pants
  • skirts
  • shirts


These are burnable waste:

  • dirty textiles: like damp, moldy, containing pests, strong odour/smell
  • cushioned textiles: like pillows, blankets, stuffed toys
  • underwear: like underpants, socks, tights, bras
  • hard materials: like shoes, belts, bags
  • rugs