Garden waste

Kuvassa kuormaaja korttaa risukasaa


You can bring garden waste to Hevossuo Waste Treatment Centre all year around. Garden waste cost 5€/trailer load. There’s garden waste area where there are piles for branches, for raking waste, for stumps and container for apples.

Garden waste handling:

  • branch waste will be chipped
  • raking waste will be composted
  • stumps will be crushed and chipped
  • apples will be transported to the gas production facility or to game feeding

Hevossuo Waste Treatment Centre arranges garden waste weeks in spring and autumn, during which time garden waste are free of charge.
-> More information from garden waste weeks section.

Branch waste


  • branches (max. 20cm diameter)
  • sticks
  • berry bush roots
  • also hawthorn branches


  • stumps
  • logs

Raking waste


  • leaves and needles
  • weeds without invasive alien species (more information from invasive alien species section)
  • cones
  • reeds
  • moss
  • sawdust
  • soil materials with grass/lawn


  • branches
  • sticks
  • roots
  • stumps

Apple waste


  • apples and other fruits from garden separately


  • apples and other fruits from garden with plastic bag