Invasive Alien Species

Kuvassa jättipalsami


Reception of Invasive Alien Species to Hevossuo Waste Treatment Centre is free of charge. Info about your waste load at the reception office and you will be guided to the right place.

Small amounts of Invasive Alien Species with roots can be disposed with domestic waste in packed form. Notice that the container’s weight doesn’t go over the limit of 60kg.

Common Invasive Alien Species

  • Japanese Rose (Kurtturuusu)
  • Garden lupin (Lupiini)
  • Himalayan balsam (Jättipalsami)
  • Scientific name: Heracleum persicum (Jättiputki)
  • Scientific name: Avena fatua (Hukkakaura)
  • Japanese knotweed (Japanintatar)

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