Mixed waste

Waste in the garbage bag that is not suitable for utilization (and isn’t hazardous waste) is part of mixed waste. Mixed waste is exported to the Hevossuo waste station where the waste is loaded for transportation to the waste power plant.



  • dirty paper and paperboard
  • plastics
  • composite materials, for example plasticized cardboard and carton
  • incandescent and halogen lamps
  • Lighters, fuses, lighters
  • floppy disks, CDs, C-cassettes, video tapes
  • empty toner and ink cartridges (laser toner cartridges can be refilled)
  • used diapers, cleaning wipes (vacuum bags)
  • cosmetic products
  • ceramic and porcelain dishes
  • glass oven pots, coffee maker jugs and other thermal glasses
  • rubber and leather, rags and shoes
  • cigarette ends and ash
  • bio waste (if the property does not compost or is obliged to procure a separate bio waste container)
  • blister packs of medicines
  • coffee and crisp bags (foil interior)



  • flammable or explosive wastes
  • liquid waste
  • hazardous waste
  • toilet waste
  • sanding sand or soil
  • large or heavy objects (furniture, construction waste)
  • electrical and electronic waste
  • recoverable waste (glass, metal, paper, carton, etc.)