Mixed waste

Kuvassa siirtokuormaushallista yhdyskuntajäte kasa


Household waste, that cannot be recycled other ways is known as mixed waste. Mixed waste is loaded at The Hevossuo Waste Treatment Centre’s loading hall before incineration.


  • light bulbs, including incandescent and halogen
  • lighters and fuses
  • discs, CDs, DVDs, cassettes, video tapes
  • empty toner and ink cartridges
  • used diapers
  • vacuum cleaner bags
  • cosmetic products
  • ceramic and porcelain dishes
  • shoes (i.e. rubber and leather materials)
  • cigarette ends and ashes
  • dirty clothes and other fabrics
  • dirty papers and cartons/cardboards
  • polyurethane foams materials ( i.e. mattresses)
  • other plastic materials than plastic packagings, (i.e. plastic toys, dishwashing brush)
  • books


  • flammable or explosive waste
  • liquid waste
  • hazardous waste
  • toilet waste
  • gravelling sand or other soil
  • large or heavy items, (i.e. furniture, construction waste)
  • electrical devices
  • reusable materials (i.e glass, metal, paper, carton and cardboard)
  • biowaste