Plastic packaging


Empty, clean and dry household plastic packages are sorted to plastic packaging collection.

No need to wash: only rinse or wipe with paper towel. Plastic packages must be separated, you can only put same materials on top of each other, because optical reader reads only the top most plastic materials.


  • plastic food packaging such as yoghurt pots, butter tubs and packaging for colt cuts, cheese and ready-meal trays
  • detergent, shampoo and soap packaging
  • plastic bottles, cans and jars, preferably flattened
  • plastic carrier bags, pouches and wrappings
  • EPS or Styrofoam packaging


  • mixed waste, construction waste or very dirty plastic packaging
  • any material other than plastic packaging (no cardboard, glass, metal, wood)
  • other plastic products or plastic packaging used in companies
  • packages that contain traces of dangerous substances (e.g. lighter fluids, oils, fuels, paints, chemicals, medicines). Take these packages to the local hazardous waste disposal point.