Kuvassa sanomalehtiä


Papers should be sorted carefully to ensure the greatest possible benefit from the collection so that papers can be recycled to new paper products . You can take your collected papers to housing company’s collection container, to recycling points or to The Hevossuo Waste Treatment Centre.

Collected papers shouldn’t be placed in plastic bags, boxes or tied up with string as this will make it unsuitable for reuse by the paper industry.

Deliver confidential documents for the service provider.


  • newspapers and magazines
  • advertising
  • printer and copy paper
  • recycled paper, colored paper
  • envelopes


  • aluminum-coated paper
  • gift wrap
  • wet or dirty paper
  • cardboard or carton
  • books
  • soft paper products (i.e. kitchen towel, hand towels, tissues)
  • egg cartons
  • brown paper bags
  • gift wrap
  • drawings and craft carton
  • wallpaper