Kuvassa sanomalehtiä


Newspapers and handkerchiefs, as well as toilet paper and paper towels are made from recycled paper. Do not tie the paper pile with a string. Such bundles can’t be handled in the paper industry.

Take the recycled paper to recycling points or to the Hevossuo Waste Treatment Centre.

Papers, cartons and cardboards are delivered to Encore Ympäristöpalvelut Oy.

The collection and utilization of paper is the responsibility of packaging companies. The manufacturers and importers of the products must ensure the waste management of their products. Paper is therefore collected from real estates and collection points free of charge.


  • newspapers and magazines
  • ads, phone books
  • books (without leather or plastic covers)
  • light copy and typewriting papers
  • squared and writing papers


  • wet or dirty paper
  • cardboard or carton
  • tissue paper (kitchen paper, hand towels, handkerchiefs)
  • aluminum paper
  • brown paper bags
  • gift wrapping paper
  • drawings and craft board
  • wallpaper