Events calendar
18.12.2022 14.00 - 18.00

Rauma figure skaters’ Fairytale Christmas event

Rauma figure skaters’ Fairytale Christmas event is organized in Kivikylä Arena on Sunday 18.12. at 2 pm – 6 pm. In addition to Christmas show there is an ice disco

Kivikylän Areena , Nortamonkatu 23, Rauma
19.11.2022 00.00 - 20.11.2022 00.00

Pre-Christmas event in Gallery Sanna Saarinen

Pre-Christmas event in the Gallery of Sanna Saarinen. Artist Sanna Saarinen uses technique which combines hand-woven fabric with recycled metal and wood. She also creates pieces purely from recycled metal.

12.11.2022 12.00 - 19.00

Christmas Opening of Purkki Aitta

Purkki Aitta and its yard offers a fairytale-like Christmas atmosphere on Saturday 12.11. at 12.00–19.00. A lot of beautiful handmade products and Christmas elf searching for children. Also hot juice

Purkki Aitta , Santtahkontie 1, Rauma
Christmas in Rauma.
26.11.2022 00.00 - 27.11.2022 00.00

Christmas Market of Inspira Association

Atmospheric Christmas market of Inspira association in Nokka Art Croft (Suvitie 10). Inspira members sell their own products, such as art, cards, crafts, Christmas decorations and pastries. From café you

Nokka Art Croft , Suvitie 10, Rauma

Christmas show of Turku Dance School

Christmas dance show of Turku Dance School Rauma unit in Rauma Hall on Saturday 10.12.2022 at 12.30, 15.30 and 18.30. Remaining tickets will be sold at the door approximately 30

Rauma-sali , Satamakatu 26, Rauma
10.12.2022 12.00 - 15.00

Merimakasiini before Christmas

Merimakasiini (Kanavakatu 37) doors are open on Saturday 10.12. at 12.00–15.00. You can get to know the new facilities, make a door decoration for Christmas or buy some maritime-themed products

Merimakasiini , Kanavakatu 37, Rauma
11.12.2022 12.00 - 16.00

Christmas Market in Kollan Kalliopirtti

Traditional Christmas Market in Kollan Kalliopirtti on Sunday 11.12.2022 at 12.00–16.00.

Kollan kalliopirtti , Kollantie 158, Rauma
Church of the Holy Cross in winter.
19.12.2022 18.00

Christmas Concert of Rauman Mieslaulajat

Christmas concert of Rauman Mieslaulajat choir in the Church of the Holy Cross (Luostarinkatu 1) on Monday 19.12.2022 at 18.00. Programme leaflet 10 €.

Church of the Holy Cross , Luostarinkatu 1, Rauma
Hopeinen sydämen muotoinen joulukoriste kuusessa.
16.12.2022 18.00

Concert of Rauma Music Institute Singers

Concert of the Rauma Music Institute singers in Youth centre (Hallikatu 12) on Friday 16.12.2022 at 18.00. The concert is free of charge.

Youth centre , Hallikatu 12, Rauma
28.11.2022 18.30

Christmas Carol Event of Lapponia

Christmas carol event of Lapponia choir in Congregational Home of Lappi (Hiedastentie 6) on Monday 28.11.2022 at 18.30.

Congregational Home of Lappi , Hiedastentie 6, Lappi, Rauma