Events calendar
15.10.2021 00.00 - 30.9.2023 00.00

Spiritual and secular power in Rauma -exhibition

In an exhibition upstairs at Rauma Museum’s Old Town Hall (Kauppakatu 13), the visitor will have an opportunity to explore how the church used to exercise spiritual power and the

Old Town Hall , Kauppakatu 13, Rauma
Nokan taidetorppa.
23.8.2021 00.00 - 29.8.2021 00.00

Tuija Viitanen’s Art Exhibition at Nokka croft

Tuija Viitanen’s art exhibition at Nokka croft, Suvitie 10.

Antti Hannulan ja Jonna Vuorisen taidenäyttely
24.8.2021 00.00 - 28.8.2021 00.00

Antti Hannula’s and Jonna Vuorinen’s Art Exhibition

Art Exhibition is on display at Seppa’s House (Alfredinkatu 3) from Tuesday to Saturday from 11.30 a.m. to 4 p.m. In the art of Antti Hannula, a visual artist from

4.9.2021 00.00 - 12.9.2021 00.00

Inspira’s and Efra’s Art Exhibition at Nokka croft

Joint Art Exhibition of Inspira and Efra members is on display at Nokka croft (Suvitie 10) from 4th to 12th of September on Saturday and Sunday from 12 noon to

2.8.2021 09.00 - 30.8.2021 19.00

Viivi Osmonen’s art exhibition at Rauma Town Library

Viivi Osmonen’s exhibition Girls Girls Girls consists of imaginative, abundant and colorful girl portraits. The works are acrylic and watercolor paintings. The exhibition is on display in the lower lobby

17.8.2021 00.00 - 22.8.2021 00.00

Exhibition Kamppailu – Fight on display at Sepän talo

The Blue Sea Film Festival is organizing the exhibition Kamppailu (Fight) at Sepän talo (Blacksmith’s house), which consists of works by Timo Metsäjoki. Media artist Metsäjoki takes a stand in

27.7.2021 00.00 - 7.8.2021 00.00

Luanikas reissu travel souvenirs and landscape photos from Rauma

Tommi-Wihtori Roström’s summer exhibition Luanikas reissu travel souvenirs and landscape photos from Rauma is open Wed-Fri 11-16, Sat 10-15 until the 7th of August. Gallery Porstua, Itäkatu 4

4.6.2021 00.00 - 5.9.2021 00.00

BEHIND THE TIME art exhibition at Vuojoki Manor

During the summer, in the park area of ​​Vuojoki Manor, questions of the time are approached through visual art, architecture and textile art. The works offer sensory, unspeakable visions that

12.6.2021 00.00 - 26.9.2021 00.00

Lace on skin exhibition

The lace exhibition, curated by designer Paola Suhonen, has been created in collaboration with Rauma Museum and Rauma Art Museum. As the two museums join their forces, an exhibition connecting

Rauma Art Museum , Kuninkaankatu 37, Rauma
3.7.2021 00.00 - 1.8.2021 00.00

Art Home Ylen

Art Home Ylen features a sculpture exhibition by ITE artist Väinö Ylen, which includes more than 200 concrete statues depicting the life of the past, athletes and politicians. There will